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Organization Name: AIESEC UGA
Chief Officer: Yuliya Bila
Advisor: Leslie Pitman
Category: Cultural/International
On-Campus Address: 210 Memorial Hall 210H
Athens, GA 30602-3108
Phone Number: (678) 982-3714
Email Address:
Statement of Purpose: AIESEC is a not-for-profit, international, student-run organization that is in about 108 countries and territories around the world and has more than 32,000 members. The members of AIESEC facilitate and participate in a global internship exchange program that allows students to develop leadership skills, professional skills, cultural understanding, and global awareness, all of which allow AIESECers to work towards AIESEC’s mission and vision: to make a positive impact on society and reach mankind’s potential. Each chapter of AIESEC works with its local business community in order to create internships or “traineeships” for an AIESECer from another country. This “business development” aspect of AIESEC gives its members unique experience and training in leadership development and professional skills. The AIESEC exchange experience not only provides participants with work experience in another country, but it also allows them to become fully immersed in another culture.