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Organization Name: Students for Latino/a Empowerment
Chief Officer: Adriana Vicuna
Advisor: Leslie Pitman
Category: Cultural/International
On-Campus Address: 210 Memorial Hall
Athens , GA 30602
Phone Number: 4046423325
Email Address:
Statement of Purpose: Students for Latino/a Empowerment is a progressive organization with the purpose of providing Latin@s on campus with opportunities to exercise community involvement as well as social, political, and cultural activism. SLE encourages students at UGA to work together to enact social change through the creation of programs and activities that benefit the community. It is our hope that SLE members will become lifelong progressive activists. Furthermore, we envision SLE as a link between the University and the Latino community, advocating on issues important to our community. SLE will work towards having a strong collective voice on campus and beyond. We will also strive to improve the perception of Latin@s on campus and in Georgia by setting a positive example. With more representation and visibility comes the ability to raise consciousness about issues that affect the community as a whole. We envision an organization of members who share progressive values, promoting equality, respect, and understanding between people of all races, ethnicities, genders, sexualities, ages, religions, and socio-economic status. We understand that the challenges facing our community are complex and multi-dimensional and we make the commitment to educating others and ourselves about our challenges, our history, and our culture. We hope that our programs, services, and educational and advocacy efforts will become sustainable so that the goal of the Students for Latin@ Empowerment in the UGA community is to promote an understanding of the importance of a high minority attendance at a higher level educational institution. We promote awareness of issues affecting Latinos by following legislation and promoting action which expresses approval/disapproval of our representatives’ acts. We encourage high school students to become a part of the UGA student population in order to increase diversity at UGA and allow for a better understanding of Latino culture, traditions, and perspectives. SLE is a politically motivated organization striving to empower the Latino population by promoting education, community involvement, and action. We believe that if one wants to see a change, one must be a catalyst for that change.