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Organization Name: Nourish International
Chief Officer: Joseph Mayne
Advisor: N/A
Category: Cultural/International
On-Campus Address: 102U Tate Student Center
Athens, GA 30602
Phone Number: (706) 338-7553
Email Address:
Statement of Purpose: Nourish International works to eradicate poverty by engaging students and empowering communities. Through innovative social entrepreneurship, Nourish International creates mutually beneficial alliances that help students make a stand against the poverty crisis in a tangible way. More specifically, Nourish enables students to work alongside developing communities and implement sustainable development projects. In this process, Nourish is not the leader or manager of these projects but rather a resource and catalyst for students and communities. In addition to our projects, our purpose is to engage students, serving as a medium to help students figure out their role in the ever-evolving world economy as we enter the workforce as global leaders in our respective professions.