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Organization Name: Tango Club
Advisor: Fuad Elhage
Category: Cultural/International
On-Campus Address: 102U Tate Student Center
Athens, GA 30602
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Statement of Purpose: The Tango Club has been created a year ago (not as a formal student organization though) as an initiative of the Argentina Study Abroad program whose former director, Dr. Betina Kaplan, was the main promoter. Initially it was designed for the students who wanted to keep experiencing the Argentinean culture through dance after their study abroad program. The number of members has grown up and the Tango Club, sponsored by the Argentina Study Abroad Program, has become a collaborative project between UGA students, staff and members of the greater Athens community. Through Tango we seek to break through cultural barriers, integrate the different communities in Athens, and spread the beauty of this Latinamerican dance.