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Organization Name: Asura
Chief Officer: Sanjay Menon
Category: Cultural/International
On-Campus Address: 102U Tate Student Center
Athens, GA 30602
Phone Number: (404) 909-1080
Email Address:
Statement of Purpose: Founded in 2008, Asura is the University of Georgia's premiere co-educational fusion dance team, and is comprised of highly determined and motivated UGA students who show superb class, character, and intellectual prowess. Specializing in a multitude of styles including, but not limited to, Bollywood, bhangra, hip-hop, and contemporary, Asura constantly engages the audience and actively campaigns to represent all that there is to love about the art of dance. Known for its spectacular performances that exhibit genuine creativity, Asura is a multicultural mixing pot designed to acquire the unique experiences, traits, and talents of each individual involved, and apply it to create a smashing and memorable performance on and off the stage. As an organization affiliated with the University of Georgia, Asura quite literally means "passion" and as such is a group that strives to represent the variety of cultures within the University, and takes great pride in representing the red and black in high-profile shows throughout the nation at the most prestigious levels.