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Organization Name: Terry Student Consulting
Chief Officer: Benjamin Hooper
Advisor: Nicholas Berente
Category: Professional
On-Campus Address: 102U Tate Student Center
Athens, GA 30602
Phone Number: 4044028687
Email Address:
Statement of Purpose: Terry Student Consulting (TSC) is a society for undergraduate students interested in gaining real-world experience with clients, networking opportunities, and professional development. Every major is welcome to join, and even if a career in consulting is not where you see yourself, this is a great chance to gain professional skills. Members work in small, fast-paced teams, face to face with business representatives to actively create business solutions. Students will have the opportunity to take on leadership roles as Executive Officers, Project Managers, and Consultants. TSC provides students with unparalleled experience, equipping them with vital skills sought after in interviews and recruitment by top firms.